• Coleman Lantern 17B – Setup at the campsite (2021)
  • Bringing It Home
    How did I find the 2003 GMC Safari? For information on what Project oVANlander, you can find additional information here – Inspecting The Van Loading The Trailer
  • Introducing Project oVANlander
    What is Project oVANlander?
  • Weight distribution hitch (2021)
    Safety for your family and others on the road should be a top priority. In 2021 we had a guest that had an accident from unsafe towing practices. We recommend using a weight-distribution hitch (WDH) while towing our units. Will you be using a WDH on your trip? Read more in-depth information about WDH here. Is weight the only consideration? Most light-duty pickups will be able to tow our campers. Is max towing capacity the only number to consider? Different jargon could be confusing for new or inexperienced guests.  Payload Tongue weight Dry weight GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating) GTW… Read More »Weight distribution hitch (2021)
  • Mountain biking at Herb Parsons Lake, Collierville, TN (2021)
    Have you thought about mountain biking? I love the thought of mountain biking. It is an exciting different type of exercise than hiking. Climbing hills with deep ruts and blazing down a trail. The reality of mountain biking as a beginner is much different. I live in Memphis, and I plan on staying close to home while learning the basics of mountain biking. Read along for some of my thoughts. I have a Felt Dispatch 990 that is a few years old. Have you tried Herb Parsons Lake? Herb Parsons Lake has become known for its fishing in the area.… Read More »Mountain biking at Herb Parsons Lake, Collierville, TN (2021)