Buffalo Point Campground

by Brian Johanan on

In early November, we took a trip to Buffalo Point Campground. The purpose of this trip was to kayak on the Buffalo River. Buffalo Point Campground is in Northern Arkansas. The trip was over 200 miles from Memphis, Tennessee, easily doable for a single day trip to a campground. We had missed the peak of fall colors by a week or two, but there is still gorgeous fall scenery to take in during this time.

Earlier this year, I joined a canoe club that has multiple outings a month on its calendar. This trip was one of the adventure weekends the club was hosting. There are some large grades while traveling through the countryside. Buffalo River is a national river that is 135 miles long and contains bluffs as high as 440 feet. Don’t miss out on the Eye Popper at Wild Bill’s outfitter for breakfast!

Reservations can be made at https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/234043

Enjoy a brief video containing photos of my journey to this great campground. I was able to kayak and paddleboard on the Buffalo River during my stay. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.