Warriors Path Campground

by Brian Johanan on

Tri-Cities is the region comprising of Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport in Tennessee. Warrior’s Path state park is part of this region. It was my first visit to Warrior’s Path, although it probably won’t be my last. Having family members that live in Bristol and near Johnson City, Tennesse, we set up camp for a couple of nights at Warrior’s Path.

One of the joys was hosting my brother and his family at the campground. We were situated close to the playground in the campground. My two nephews and niece were able to walk over to the campground while we cooked dinner. We grilled hamburgers over charcoal on the outdoor grill at the site. We even built a fire before they left for the night.

Warrior’s Path is a 950-acre Tennessee state park. The state park received its name after the Great Indian Warpath used by the Iroquois. You can find 90 camping spots available with water and electrical hookups at the main campground. Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day is the overflow campground, which has an additional 40 camping sites.

We visited in late October, the perfect time to catch the autumn leaf change of colors. Approximately 500 miles from the Memphis area. One long day of travel with a camper attached to reach this campground. We had come from visiting friends in Kentucky and drove through Virginia and the mountains to the campground.

Reservations can be made at https://tnstateparks.com/parks/warriors-path.

This video shows inflating the paddleboard and then taking it onto the water. We do have this paddleboard available as an add on rental with your camper. The campground isn’t the only destination when you arrive. Waterways offer you a view that is gorgeous with a diverse perspective. I enjoy both kayaking and paddleboarding. I suggest starting in a calm body of water for beginners. Each activity is an exercise for particular muscle groups and a sense of balance. Give it a try and ensure you are wearing a personal floatation device.