Winterizing a camper/RV

by Brian Johanan on
Campers are an expensive investment. In a travel trailer, besides having maintenance on items that keep you rolling on the road, you also have to properly maintain and care for indoor/outdoor plumbing and electrical. To prevent damage to plumbing that may have little or no insulation during cold weather, you need to “winterize” your camper/RV. Winterizing is removing all water from the plumbing. Watch as we show the different steps. We used an air compressor, metal blow-out plug, 1/2″ ratchet, 1 1/16″ socket, RV antifreeze, and a generator. We brought our generator to power our air compressor because there is no electricity provided at the storage lot. It is also a good idea to check your anode rod in your water heater at this time.
The camper in this video is a 2021 Forest River No Boundaries 19.5 model. We had cold weather headed in our direction. The weather forecast had shown rain leading up to the cold weather. Extending the awning over our work area provided some cover from the rain. Learn from my mistake and buy a larger size than the 3-gallon air compressor.

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