Weight distribution hitch (2021)

Towing safely to your destination

Warrior’s Path Campground

Safety for your family and others on the road should be a top priority. In 2021 we had a guest that had an accident from unsafe towing practices. We recommend using a weight-distribution hitch (WDH) while towing our units. Will you be using a WDH on your trip? Read more in-depth information about WDH here.

Is weight the only consideration?

Most light-duty pickups will be able to tow our campers. Is max towing capacity the only number to consider? Different jargon could be confusing for new or inexperienced guests. 

  • Payload
  • Tongue weight
  • Dry weight
  • GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating)
  • GTW (Gross trailer weight)

Curt Manufacturing has an easy-to-understand article to help you get better familiar with towing terms. 

Towing with a WDH

Watch our instructional video on attaching Trigger to a 2008 Chevy Tahoe. We are using a Fastway E2 Trunnion style WDH for this application. You may have a different style hitch head or spring bars.

Purchase this setup

You can purchase these items from Amazon seen in the video. #CommissionsEarned As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Use the Fastway e2 setup required by your tongue weight. The first link is for trailers with a tongue weight of 600 pounds or less. You will need to purchase the correct size ball for your trailer. We use a Curt Echo brake controller. The Echo is Bluetooth and wireless, requiring no installation with your tow vehicle.

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